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Do Vegan Diets Kill More Animals vs Meat-Based Diets? Responding To Misinformation In My Last Debate

The claim that a vegan diet kills more animals than a meat-based diet is used as a rationalization for eating meat. Here, we fact check the most outrageous …

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  1. What's that I can see in the background? Guitars – made of wood. A guitar amp and speaker – made of wood. And a table – made of wood. How many animals had to die and/or lose their home so you could decorate your home with unnecessary ornaments?

    Animal murderer! How does it feel to have blood on your hands you complete hypocrite?

  2. But what's the point of arguing with a delusional person? Pretty sure that are better people to debate with that aren't vegans but aren't anti-vegans, a.k.a. anti-reason.

  3. I never understood the reason to be antivegan. Like just don't be vegan if you don't like it, but why fight against veganism? We don't hurt anyone.

  4. The lack of ‘nutrients’ is the problem, not calories. With the incredibly high obesity rates in developed countries (especially children) We do not have a calorie deficit issue. The world has a nutrient deficiency issue.

  5. Watching him “debate “ you was like watching a bad Saturday night live episode! He was ridiculous and childish… no clue what he even was even trying to get across “cOwS DoNT EAt CoRN On THE c0b” 🤪 “VEgaN propagandA”

  6. Not only can you not fix stupid, you can't fix dishonest and you certainly could never penetrate this guy's fantasy world.

    He also pulled that so-called debate technique of constantly using your name when trying to assert that you're making ridiculous claims so that your name is associated with his asserted belief that what you're saying is ridiculous. He also plumps that up with that condescending tone like he's so put out having to explain something to a child. Completely disingenuous and so easy to spot if you've even heard it once.

  7. Tell him that we have the tech to grow enough food for the entire world with little to no harvest deaths. The resistance and apathy of non vegans is what prevents the move toward it’s widespread use.

  8. This chubby Jon Snow guy could have done a few google searches to find the information he needs. Obviously, he hasn't done it, and rather parrot what his other like minded animal haters parrot.

  9. So you continue to chose debating with idiots… Arguing with a fool proves there are two. Its impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument. There are more productive things to do.

  10. Shame on you for not knowing that crops for animal feed aren't harvested in the traditional method which causes crop deaths but instead are magically lifted out of the ground by alien spaceships.

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