Donald Trump Retweeted Joey Salads

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  1. Snorkeling IS dangerous, exactly because people think it's safe and you are just at the surface etc. Doesn't matter being near the surface when you're unconscious. Boats, anglers, going deeper for a look, messing with the gear (snorkel length – physics!!), panicking after inhaling water, messing with dangerous sea life etc. It is not like it's freeclimbing in an active Vulcan, but it's also not harmless.

  2. Don't call Donald Trump "the United States"… He already thinks that about himself and his lawyers are using that exact argument. "What he did was to further his career in politics because he thinks his re-election IS what is good for America, therefore what he did was not wrong."

    I am paraphrasing a bit, but come on. It is clear which side has gone to complete partisan hackery, and it isn't the Democrats. Which only makes it look like there is one good choice instead of two crappy ones in a two party system. The GOP has full on lost their minds. Trump will destroy their party be it 4 or 8 years. And without Biden, it will almost certainly be 4.

  3. Do they only do this podcast thing now?… I like the old videos… But I don’t like this whole just set a podcast in a studio type thing… It does not fit them. Just like Logan Paul doing the “impaulsive” (lamest name ever)podcast, wannabe podcast thing… It’s just awkward… They’re not meant to be Podcasters, Ethan Can’t make a point or get a point across properly and play a clip properly along with his commentary or opinion… It’s not working… but it is because they’ve built a huge following already… But in reality I mean if they started this way… I don’t think they would have the same success.

  4. I just don't understand how people complain about old career politicians not knowing anything about the younger generations world and when a president aknowledges someone who is part of the whole meme culture and sht they start with "the mf sitting president of the united states is doing this" and also it was just a fcking retweet jesus christ. And I want to point out that I'm not a trump supporter (I don't even live in the us) but I'm happy that Trump is doing something about the immigrants and making it difficult for big companies to move their production to china aka creating jobs in the us. Also Trump is a dumb man but if you check the stats he is a better president than Obama, actually Obama was a pretty bad president but the people had much more outlook on him just on the basis of his skin color since it's more important to get someone like him in the office rather than someone who knows how to do their job but then again the world is changin to this PC place filled with sjw people who actually think that there's no harm in immigrants from the middle-easr and who think that peoples feelings are somehow more important than facts which is total bs

  5. Y’all getting pewdiepie and papa john on the podcast is fucking nuts! Been watching for so long it’s great to see you talk to a lot of the guests you’ve made videos on in the past

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