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DONKEY SALAMI recipe 😋 Homemade Salami with Donkey Meat 🤪 How to SMOKE Salami in our Homemade Box

By popular request of Angelo and thanks to the recipe given to us by 1JAY, today we are preparing a Spectacular and Special Italian Salami: DONKEY SALAME …

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  1. I have one request, could you please show the ignorant people of AMERIKA how to make a true Italian prosciutto from the wild boar (wild pigs or hogs), still with the bristles (hair) on the leg. Please no smoke, smoking meat is so not truly an Italian method of curing meat. America has so many wild boar but nobody knows how to make proper prosciutto from them. GRAZIE MILLE!!!

  2. If you were to set up an Italian donkey sausage factory in China you would make a fortune. The Chinese are eating all the donkeys in Africa, but they are only using the hides I believe.

  3. Question
    I have around 60 pounds of apple maple brat's, been in the freezer since November 2020.
    Is it possible to smoke cure them to preserve them out the freezer/Refrigerator? I thought is like a dry salami.
    The Rice wine 😘

  4. Good evening. I am making lemonchello. I already put 1 lt vodka with lemon 10 days ago. Plz i need tthe exact ingredients because i see many recepies and i trust your opinion. Thank you

  5. Hello my friend, I made rice wine and strawberry wine and they brewed. Thank you. I want to ask you about the whiskey recipe in 10 days. Do I use alcohol as a kind of drink or alcohol that is used in cooking and creating desserts and thank you. 🖒🖒

  6. Did you act as cool off camera when that beer fell over? 🙁

    I’ve had the the sausage attachment for my kitchenaid stand mixer for years and haven’t done a thing with it.
    Bought some beef shoulder and getting some pork belly to make breakfast sausage (no gut) today. Thanks for the donkey kick in the butt to motivate me.


    I have a friend raising rabbits and would love to see you make sausage or some other dish with rabbit.
    It’s so lean I’m not sure what to do except feed them to my dogs. 😳

  7. As always a great video. It looks like you you lack a bit of binding in your meat/fat, which will usually make those cracks/holes inside the salami. I always continue to mix my meat, fat, and spices, until it gets quite tacky before stuffing the casings and that solves this issue. Next time I come across some donkey meet I will try this recipe 😂

  8. As usual great video. Really like how you dont fake your videos even when small bad things happens.
    Keep it real and thanks for another great video.
    Greetings from Serbia and Peru 🙂

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