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DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES | gluten-free cookie recipe

These flourless double chocolate chip cookies are simple to make, insanely delicious and 100% gluten-free. This easy cookie recipe is made with coconut sugar …

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  1. My first reaction "This recipe is too good to be true." Flourless one bowl recipe and perfectly looking cookies. Quick, easy and delicious. Believe it or not they are all of the above. Glad I made it and will make it again and again. I've been binge cooking Clean and Delicious recipes. Her banana bread muffins is outstanding and I highly recommend her healthy vegan asparagus soup. Sending my best from Winnipeg!

  2. Dani, im making this recipe, however, i didn't have almond butter so i used peanut butter. But it sticks to my hands sooo baldly it didnt even let me do the balls. Why is is sticking?

  3. I love these, but the were so hard to put them in cookie sheet! They were a bit runny puting on the cookie sheet, I'm not sure what I did wrong .

  4. Mine came out perfectly. Made it over the weekend. It was gone in two days. Will definitely make again. Only thing my almond butter was a bit dried from being in the refrigerator so didn't mix well like you mentioned, however everyone loved cause they got bites of almond butter in the cookie. Thanks for the recipe.

    One note: Can I use a substitute for the almond butter as it's super expensive in my country. If yes what would you recommend.

  5. Thank you very much for this recipe. I just mixed and baked. I used 1/2 cup Monk fruit sugar, Vanilla Bean Paste and Coco powder; cookies turned out delicious!!

  6. I made these cookies for my sister who is gluten free. They were absolutely delicious! My family loved them so much I made a second batch. This recipe is going in my favorites book. Thanks again for another great recipe

  7. I LOVE these cookies and my family too! Thank you for the recipe. Can you please share a recipe of cookies made with the almond pulp from making almond milk? Thank you!

  8. I can't wait to try this. I love your recipes, 2 of my favorites are the buddha bowl and the lemon garlic chicken. I am starting a Clean and Delicious binder with all my favorite recipes from you. Your videos are wonderful and educational and really helping me on a cleaner eating plan.

  9. It's it me or are these really rich? I made them tonight and while they are GOOD, they sent my blood sugar through the roof. I'll make them again with stevia and see what happens.

  10. That reaction from your son sold me and I am trying this. How long will they stay fresh in air tight room temperature? Can you freeze cookies like oatmeal muffins?

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