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Double Masala chicken Dum Biryani Recipe in Telugu || Homemade chicken Dum Biryani || Vismai Food

Double Masala chicken Dum Biryani Recipe in Telugu | Vismai Food #VismaiFood #DumBiryani #Biryani Detailed recipes with Ingredients and Method in …

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  1. Baga convice ga, short ga, manly voice tho , ante swashtamu ga " Jaggayya. " gari voice la ga, bore gotta kunda, Baga vivaristharu prathi vedio lo laga , Baga vivarinchaaru. Thanks.,

  2. Hi vismai team,

    Tried biryani to day,followed everything same it came out really well.
    One of the best biryani I had in Uk.from now I can do my own biryani…many thanks to all of your efforts
    Keep rocking.

  3. Hi Vamsi, your recipe is amazing!!! I cooked Biryani for the first time and followed all of the steps and tips except the 1 year old rice which I couldn’t find it here in Sydney but I the Biryani came out excellent, everyone at my work loved it.. much love ❤️… thank you so much for this amazing recipe 🙂

  4. ఇంక life lo బిర్యానీ చేయడం రాదేమో అనుకున్న స్టేజ్ నుండి ఇంట్లో బిర్యానీ తప్ప బయట తినకూడదు అని అనిపించారు మీరు.. thank you so much sir..

  5. Nice bro .try chesa today super ga vachindi bro .tnq bro elane manchiga explaine chestu marenni vedios cheyandi bro.i like uvr voice bro,ventene tummy full aina feel vastundi

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