Dr. Joel Fuhrman on Combining Weight Reduction with Anti-Cancer Protection for Lifespan Enhancement

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  1. I switched to his plan first of October and indeed lost about 2 lbs a week. The only time I don't loose 2lbs is if I eat out more than once a week and something is really salty and oily, even Thanksgiving week I lost weight – not the full 2lbs but I did loose. AND I eat nuts and seeds which seem to be an omitted food on every other plan. At first you experience the toxic hunger he talks about but after your body is nourished and you get over the addiction of the old food it's not hard to live on his plan.

  2. Thank you for having Dr. Fuhrman on as a guest. He is a breath of fresh air in the plant based world. I'm so happy that he addressed the protein issue. As a senior, I am not overweight but got caught up in the extremely low fat (low protein) vegan culture. My muscle volume decreased to a point that my arms and legs started looking thin and stringy in spite of strength training. My mental health started suffering and my HDL was always extremely low. I started following a nutritarian lifestyle a couple of years ago including legumes, soybeans, natto, miso, tofu, kimchi, nuts, seeds, flax, avacado, herbs, spices and omega-3 supplements and the last few lbs. of belly fat literally melted off. My mental health, sleep quality and energy is SO much better. Brain fog is gone. My bloodwork is the best it's ever been and I'm gradually gaining back muscle in my arms and legs. I still eat a white potato occasionally but my primary focus is always on GBOMBS for the bulk of my diet. I generally get 40 to 50 grams of fiber a day and an enormous variety of bright colors in every meal. I'm full of vitality, energy and my skin has a rich golden color. My cholesterol levels are as low as they have ever been in my life. I'll never go back to a very low fat, low protein vegan protocol.

  3. I would like to know what your views are on menopausal women and hormone replacement therapy. Can heart disease, osteoporosis and dementia still be prevented with a WFPB diet?

  4. I love Dr Fuhrman but I'm confused. A little over a month ago, in a live chat, Chef AJ said Dr Fuhrman's Nutrient Density was "A CROCK". Now she's okay with it?

  5. No Vitamins or Supplements or Cleanse:
    No living creature ever took any vitamins or supplements. 102 year old Dr. Fred Kummerow Ph.D in food chemistry and Professor of food science never took any vitamins or supplements for evidence based reasons which were based on his 450 published scientific food research reports. He said that unless you have a bad diet or a specific medical condition then those unregulated vitamins and supplements can do more harm than good. The ones they put in fortified foods are a safer option only if needed.

  6. Bcuz of you & Dr. Furhman… I lost almost 20 lbs early last year… felt healthier & maintained it easily… until last month when it started to creep back up… so I came back to refresh & realized I was getting away from the veggie focus too much.

    Need to keep listening to you everyday! Much love to you both!!! ❤️

  7. I am bad about commenting before videos are over but I can’t contain myself. I have already shared on FB. What a great one. One I will repeat over and over. Thank you for this one!
    BTW, Chef AJ, your hair looks especially beautiful today. 💜

  8. Agree. I have stopped watching summits. Too many speakers, too many hours and frequently too many opposing/confusing and sometimes unscientific information.

  9. What he said about the psycho social aspect is absolutely spot on. I have to find things other than food thoughts of food recipes etc to derive joy from
    It is like…eat what works and go do some fun stuff

  10. It's interesting. I quit bodybuilding about 3 years ago, because despite eating an excellent diet, my blood pressure and cholesterol stayed high. When I switched back to running, with some less intensive weight lifting, over time, my BP and cholesterol came down. In that time I lost about 15 pounds of muscle, and 20 pounds of total weight; so, I suspect the extra muscle mass I was carrying around was raising my lab numbers. So, I still exercise, but I don't murder myself in the gym for 2 hours a day. I walk and run for about an hour, and I lift some weights (bench press 130 pounds, squat 150 pounds, overhead press 100 pounds, deadlift 200 pounds, leg press 240 pounds, so not super heavy, about half what I was doing 3 years ago) so, lifting lighter weights and maintaining less muscle, I feel like that's healthier than trying to turn my ectomorphic frame into a mesomorphic one. I feel like I'm working WITH my body type, instead of grinding against it.

  11. I am 61, paraplegic since 18. 35 lbs over weight. I. Have developed RA in right wrist,and shoulder. I also have severe carpotunnel in my Ishtar wrist. Where do I start? I am ok in eating the right foods and drinking a lot of water. I need help please..

  12. I think about all the areas over my life that I've devoted to "practicing perfection", from learning musical instruments to professional skills and whatever other disciplines. I absolutely should devote the same level of commitment to my nutritional excellence and health! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! 🌱JillyBean

  13. Thank you so very much for having Dr. Furman on. I so much appreciate this information explained over and over. There are a lot of details in eating for the best health and everyone has different questions about health issues, so it helps to have different docs cover the facts.

  14. I watched the. cancer summit Dr. Fuhrman was referring to and it definitely sent out mixed messages regarding diet. A number of the cancer specialists being interviewed recommend lots of animal protein. There were also a number of plant based specialists.

    The words of those recommending meat fell on deaf ears, as far as I was concerned, but no doubt there were plenty of listeners out there who will be more than happy to continue eating meat.

  15. This is a super informative and very inspiring video 🙏🍀💚 follow the principles of nutritional excellence and become a healthy centenarian including the G- bombs as the basic 💚🐸

  16. Great inspiration with WHY body fat is toxic. I can never have too many reminders for why I pursue nutrient density. Thank you for this interview! Very timely as we head into the Garbage Food Season.😃

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