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Dry Fruit Milkshake || Easy & Healthy Dry Fruits Milkshake recipe

How to make Dry Fruit Milkshake at Home || Easy & Healthy Dry Fruits Milkshake recipe Ingredients:- 1. Almonds 2. Raisins …

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  1. Try Formula-T22 intead which is a right mix. Do not use honey with milk, you may use it either with water instead of milk. Add jaggery and rock salt for taste. Note that this is "Father of all Bombs" in terms of calories (2500-2700). Muscle gain and weight gain. Ensure heavy workout. All the best. One important thing soak all nutty dry fruits like Almonds, Groundnuts, Pista, Figs in a water for 8-10 hours and cashew for 2-3 hours. Also remove Almond skin before putting it in a grinder cum mixer.

  2. Maybe we need to soak and do… It's better coz… All this dry fruits are little hard… If it's soaked it can be mixy easily

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