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Hey guys! Today I’m back with another Dump & Go Crock Pot Meals video for you! I’ll be providing you with 4 Quick & Easy Crock Pot Recipe ideas and they’re …

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  1. About this olive oil in the pasta thing… I've you seen you do that with regular pot pasta as well.
    As you can see for yourself, your slow cooker pasta was sticking together. Olive oil (or any other for that matter) in the water will not help that either, since oil and water don't mix and the oil will always be on top of the pasta and can therefore not help the sticking.
    Quite the opposite, when you take the pasta out of the water, you drag it through the oil and can cause for some sauce not to adhere to the pasta anymore, because it gets slick from the oil.

  2. I’m 5 months pregnant and my husband is currently deployed. I rely on these crockpot meals so much now. It’s so helpful to just set the crockpot and come home to dinner. I’ve made almost all of your recipes and they’re always delicious. Thank you for the great videos👍🏼😊

  3. Wow, spaghetti in the crock pot. Gotta try that. Also those funeral potatoes with sausage. I never make my grocery list until I watch you. You make the tastiest meals!!

  4. Hey Kelly, I’m a new subscriber! I found your channel while looking for crock pot dump and go recipes. I just got a crock pot and like you, I HATE to cook lol. We eat takeout a lot and needed a change. I just wanted to say I appreciate your videos and you’re a very inspiring young lady, and you have beautiful children! Thank you for all you do! ❤️

  5. I’m making crack chicken right now but sadly this morning at the grocery store I was half asleep I guess because I picked up the French onion dip instead of ranch dip, I used it because I wanted it to be ready by the time school was out & was in no mood to go back to the store.I got another 2 hours idk how it’s gonna taste lol. I’m making rice with it. Hey has anyone tried cooking plain white rice in chicken broth ?

  6. I'm a trying the funeral potatoes tonight!
    Can I make a suggestion, for these videos could you add in the description the time stamps for the recipes. That way when I go back to rewatch a specific recipe, I know right when to start. Thanks!! ❤

  7. It all looks great. I added the hash brown potatoes and going to add ham to it since I have it in the freezer. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful meals. We really enjoy them.

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