Cooking from home isn’t always easy, but with this quick 10 minute dinner ideas you’ll have dinner from home done in a snap! We’re using Costco Kirkland …

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  1. 🐓 Chicken Salad Recipe:

    3 cups shredded chicken
    1 cup Mayo (light or regular)
    2 tablespoons mustard
    1 cup grapes
    1/2 cup pickles
    1/2 red onion
    4 celery stalks
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Combine and enjoy! 😋

  2. I am in new jersey n we have a mandatory lock down so I am in the house just watching videos n I watch u guys every day I just love your videos that hike u went on looked so inviting I wish I could get out n walk the only time I am aloud out of my house is either 2 go 2 the food store or dr n thats it n they will stop u if they see u jus out n about u can get a fine if they catch u but that chicken salad looked oh so yummy I bought a can of chicken jus 2 have in case I couldnt get out but I am def ganna try it looked oh so yummy I like mine on jus plain saltines well thanks for entertaining me this morning

  3. Hey Jared and Britt
    I love that you guys include all of your neices and nephews into your videos as to the salad I make my own salad and call it the 7 C’s salad I just use half a cup of each item and it makes enough for 2 servings the ingredients are: Grated carrot, diced celery, Diced cucumber , shredded cheese, corn kernels, capsicum (bell pepper for you Americans) and cauliflower rice.

  4. Yes it’s very late here on the East Coast and we’ve been in sweats and T-shirts since we’ve been self Quarantine. but I do want to share that absolutely cooking with nieces and nephews is amazing. in fact about maybe at midnight Eastern standard time, my college niece studying to be a doctor just got off work at a hospital in Orlando and emailed me and asked me for our sweet potato recipe from Thanksgiving. we’ve been cooking and baking together since she was 3 and now she’s 20 💕keep teaching them as it’s one of the best memories you will all ever have💕💕

  5. I want chicken salad …it looks amazing !!! You had such great helpers …you guys are truly blessed with so many awesome nieces & nephews !!! We have been without puppy for around 8 yrs …if I could be so lucky to find a sweetie like Finn I would love that ….he is the best !

  6. The chicken salad looked delicious! I spent last week mostly in my pajamas, but I decided this week to keep myself to more of a routine. Now I get dressed, do my hair and put on makeup every day. It makes the days seem more meaningful. One thing I’ve scheduled into my days is watching The Waltons while I eat my lunch. That brings back some memories!

  7. I LOVE this chicken salad recipe!!! Love watching you guys.
    I'm calling twins for first baby! One of each. You guys are going to make such super sweet parents!

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