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  1. I watch your videos and get so hungry because everything looks so good, even after I just ate… Have to grab a Larabar and granola bar before to suffice my appetite 😂

  2. TIP!! I cooked two out of three of these, and this is my first time trying a HealthNut recipe: I made the fried cauliflower rice first and it was also my first time trying frozen veggies in a fried rice recipe. PLEASE THAW AND DRAIN THEM. Frozen veggies and cauliflower rice is the WORST combo – it came out so soggy and mushy. Really terrible texture. Also! Season your shrimp better than she shows here. Take the time to season both sides of each shrimp, I also suggest using double the spices she shows in the recipe. The shrimp turned out bland and I followed the recipe exactly. SECOND: The coconut mushroom chicken was AMAZING. SO GOOD!! But I learned from my fried rice experience and doubled the amount of spice she uses here, and I also took the time to season each side of every chicken piece well BEFORE adding to the pot. Don't skimp on seasonings, its flavor with no calories!!

  3. I've cooked your Creamy Mushroom Chicken recipe and I am pleasantly surprised at how tasty it is given that the recipe has just a few ingredients. I'll add this to my 'cooked and liked recipes' folder. Thank you for sharing these recipes.

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