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Easy 3-Ingredient Recipes to Make at Home | Raw Vegan

Looking for easy, simple, and delicious healthy recipes you can make from home right now? Enjoy these 3-ingredient recipes that are nutritious and fun.

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  1. Sprouting video would be great! I love Mung beans for their sweetness. The last time I did it, they had a musty smell coming out of the cheese cloth I used…. any tips how to keep them fresh while they sprout??

  2. Smoothie variation idea(s): coconut water instead of water; coconut milk instead of water; aloe Vera gel/juice instead of water. Another smoothie idea: watermelon and aloe Vera gel. 🥰🌺🏵🥰🌸🙂

  3. Glad to see three ingredient recipes! And yes, I sprout everyday. Right now I’m sprouting: black and green lentils, fenugreek seeds, mung beans, and buckwheat groats. Sprouting is a wonderful and affordable way to add living foods to any diet.

  4. Sooo fresh and beautiful, you and your juices!! 😉 Thank you for being there for us all! You are the reason why my twin sister and I turned raw vegan, and you healed us physically and emotionally! I lately wrote a song called VEGAN LADY. You might like it. This is the link to the video if you would like to watch it!

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