Click to try Truvia’s new products, available now on Amazon! Sweet & simple 5 ingredient desserts that are so easy to make at home!

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  1. Yummy. Going to make the thumb print cookies then the Buckeyes. I don’t have flour in the house or I’d make all three recipes.

  2. I don't have any Truvia products. How much sugar, powders or granulated would I substitute? Thank you. Wishing you and your family safe during this time. For the PB and jam cookies.

  3. I am diabetic. I have alot of trouble with the sugar substitutes but I haven't tried this one yet. Looking forward to being able to try something new and see if my body tolerates it

  4. I am so sad!! All of the Truvia products talked about in the video are out of stock!!
    Anyways I just discovered your channel and I am completely obsessed!!! Love it so much!!! 🙂

  5. I react badly to artificial sweeteners so I use real sugar of the less refined variety. I too use real butter when I can. My balance is no wheat or dairy (specifically milk solids, butter doesn’t seem to bother me). These two restrictions eliminate a lot of the unhealthy stuff right off the bat!

  6. Yeah sure this is what I need ! With no real workout and struck at home and hogging all the food and my kids eating snacks like the world is ending ,I do need easy desserts😅

    One a serious note ,I enjoyed the video ! Made me drool

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