Breakfast Ideas

EASY 5 minute HEALTHY Breakfast Ideas *weight loss*

hey my loves! Hope you are healthy and well! today I’m sharing some TASTY and healthy 5 min breakfast ideas! Including macros on the screen and in my usual …

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  1. Just followed your chocolate breakfast oats as I had all ingredients and bought the sweet freedom choc mint. Favourite one out of all of them. Doesn't have that artificial taste. None of them do to be honest lol.

  2. Honestly I just discover your channel one month ago and I thought you were so fun, lovely but also well informed and calm and I am so happy that because we are all stuck at home you do a lot more videos than you usually do! And it is so fun to watch after all my studies! And I am going to try one of your breakfast this week because I need to stay full longer because I move a lot less than I usually do and my school will start again but online and I can’t be in front of my fridge all the time! Keep doing fun and informative videos thank you! Other home workouts would be fun too! 🙂

  3. sorry, i'd like to try you protein powder, which flavour do you think is good? i've tried a lot of them (of other brands) and they're quit disgusting, so i want to try the one you use…? hope you'll answer 💕

  4. What are your daily macros? I’m quite new to looking at my macros, so I’m trying to see if mine are set at the right ratio. Do you eat 1g of protein per lbs if body weight? Love these vids, so motivating❤️

  5. Love your videos so much! You are such an inspiration to me, so pretty and your body is amazing! Definitely going to try all of these recipies, thanks for adding the calories and macros x

  6. Love this video as always! 😍 what do the Cacao nibs actually TASTE like?? I know you always say they’re bitter 😂 but are they chocolate or?? Please keep doing these videos they’re my favourite 💕💕

  7. HI.GOOD.afternoonOlivia☕🤗❤oatmeal.pancakes

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