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My Air Fryer – Hello friends, my name is Christine, and welcome to Frugal Fit Mom! Today I am doing a cook with me video featuring my …

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  1. I got my air fryer for Mother's Day (I ordered it myself;) and made potatoes tonight – just for fun. Delicious. I've wanted one for a long time but have been nervous if it would be another appliance I wouldn't use. I still haven't become friends with my InstantPot but keep trying;) Thanks for showing me so clearly how to use it in a way that will be a hit for my family! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. We have a small Craft Distillery here Called Okanagan Craft Distillery and they have donated 33;000 bottles of Hand Sanitizer at a cost of $10 to them , they have a Superhero payback going right now for every bottle purchased they will donated 4 bottles , I got a lovely bottle of Gin . I am a healthcare worker and they are helping us so much .
    I would love to get your air fryer for moms day .

  3. Thanks for the video! I just got my air fryer for Mother’s Day/ birthday/ anniversary gift! (That’s what happens when they all land in the same month!) I am making carrots to go with our hot wings tonight! 😃

  4. So, this is basically a mini convection oven? I've been on the fence about getting one, but the house we bought had a convection oven and we used it all time time until Hurricane Michael. We are now remodeling, but staying in an apartment with a basic oven. AWFUL! It seems to take forever to do things, unlike the convection. ☹️

  5. Ok… are you watching my life?? I LITERALLY just borrowed my Air Fryer to try air fried veggies… and here you are doing a whole video on it… ummm… yeah… creepy. LOL!!!

  6. I desperately needed this video. Thank you. I honestly was not having success with other things I tried. Oddly hadn't tried veggies yet (except hash browns), and I was nervous to. What's the right temp? How long? I know I can google, but I depend on you and Jen to help me out. lol

  7. Yay, the air fryer veggie "recipe". My husband heard you say hair dryer so he asked what I was watching. Now he's going to let us do air fryer veggies – yes! Totally agree about a running list. Mine is on my Echo so I never forget to bring it with me (Alexa app on my phone keeps the list up to date). My fridge list is a white board with leftovers with dates written next to them – great way to make sure I have less to throw away.

  8. My new fav video! I use my air fryer all the time but never thought of putting cabbage, green beans or many other veggies in there!! Aarugh! Also, I love those gloves, what a great idea, I hate touching oily veggies! I can't find them on line anywhere atm, hopefully soon 🙁

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