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Easy Avocado Toast Recipe (plus poached egg tutorial)

Easy Avocado Toast Recipe (plus poached egg tutorial) Follow my Instagram- CONNECT WITH ME INSTAGRAM- …

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  1. Benji! I’ve been watching you and Judi from before y’all were even married. I decided to finally try avocado toast. I’ve been I’m eating it every morning for the last 5 days . I’m addicted. Love y’all

  2. I wish I could have avocado toast minus the egg everyday but its really hard to find good avocados. Sometimes they look like they are good but when I cut them they're black on the inside or over riped.

  3. My 10 year old can do this!! Doubt we really needed a tutorial on how to fry an egg and add it to a slice of toast and avocado. BTW Benji pace yourself when eating; no one gonna run off with your toast. 😳

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