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Easy Beef Fajitas Recipe | Beef and Chicken Fajitas Recipe | Easy Fajitas Recipe

I am making a trio of fajitas using beef, chicken and shrimp. This recipe is easy and gives you a restaurant style fajitas right at home. You can make charro beans …

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  1. My Mom was an excellent cook but many women do not cook anymore or if they do, they are hard to find so over the years I have learned to do it myself……….YouTube and people like you make it that much easier. You dear lady look like a keeper. Some Mexican fried rice and re-fried beans and this would be perfect!

  2. I am making your menudo recipe today! I love making fajitas at home , I add red and yellow bell peppers and jalapeño to the onions after they have sautéed for awhile then some more salt plus chili powder and cumin then the cooked meat… yum

  3. This was soo delicious. Used 2lbs of chicken breast. This along with your awesome flour tortillas was my dinner tonight. I ended up adding 2 extra tbsp of citrus juice, cut the soy to 4 tbsp because that was the last of it, added 2 tbsp of worcestershire sauce and 3/4 tsp salt.

  4. Simply Mamá, when you prep the shrimp, do u rinse it? Then pat dry? My shrimp are always rubbery. Thanks in advance. Your recipe looks great! Those tortillas look fabulous!!! PS. when I moved to Mexico, I got made fun of the way I said tortilla too. I couldn't tell what I was saying wrong! 🤨

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