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Easy Beef Stroganoff Recipe

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  1. Than you for wonderful recipe.. my mum made this when we were kids and your recipe is just like hers.. I am a Dutch New Zealander.. I made this tonight and YUM YUM !

  2. I love the videos you make out here. So beautiful out here. 🙂

    Edit: I also love the bloopers you got. 🙂

    Another point, I got a taste tester of my own. Her name is Duchess, and she's a German Shepherd puppy.

  3. You're a great chef & Patriot. We all love you because you keep Americas spirit positive with delicious recipes as well as love of country during these trying times.

  4. just subscribed!

    I have been watching your videos these past 2 months and I really like it. You are a fantastic cook! There's a lot to learn from you and I will be looking forward to learn more.

  5. This man knows his stuff. Keep seeing recipes that have the beef cooking for 10 or 15 minutes.I actually cook it low and slow for an hour and a half. Have been cooking this in a NYC firehouse for over 30 yrs, and was taught by my mother. Melt in your mouth. What's the rush??

  6. Kent, If you all ever come to Ohio we'd be honored to meet you and attend your event! Love your cooking and humble presentation of great Anerican food! God Bless you both!

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