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EASY BREAKFAST IDEA + LOOKING FOR SNOW | DAY IN THE LIFE 2021 & COOK WITH ME Style Mom XO Hey guys welcomes back to Style Mom XO in …

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  1. I've replaced unsalted butter in recipes for salted when I do t have any …it works out anyway ..even reducing auger by a third works out too

  2. We have Kroger stores here and they have the exact same setup as Frys. Frys is owned by Krogers just like King Soopers that sadly made the news last week in Boulder Colorado. I love the clothes they have and the other non food departments just like what you showed on your video! One Stop Shoppine!!!
    I know that you showed the jars you have with the black lids on your pantry organization video but I can't remember where you got them. I really them and would love to get some.
    Do you ever use the bacon try that you got to made bacon in the microwave?
    I love that you were looking for snow. It is the same way for us here about snow citings that is until we got that very awful winter storm here in February and snow was on the ground for several days. The worst part is that we had no power for way too many hours and no water for 3 1/2 days!!! It had gotten down to 13 degrees and with no power the coldest was 57 degrees in my house. YUCK!!!

  3. We have Fred Myers which is like a higher end Walmart super store including grocery. I like them better and they are a one stop shop.

  4. I live in Utah & we have a smiths marketplace that looks just like that. They sell the dil brand clothing and everything else in that store. Other states Kroger is our smiths here in Utah.

  5. You guys are so cute… I love that I did that too a couple of yrs ago with my kids we drove to our local area mountains, it’s was a once in lifetime thing…
    We are super close to the beach…I love you and Nevaeh nails are so nice.

  6. How funny to see snow in the desert. I remember many years ago we got all excited to see snow in So Cal. Breakfast looked delish and your daughter is your mini me.

  7. Light ❄️ is better than no snow I’d be very excited if I was in your shoes also @ least you got a little bit especially in Arizona I don’t have snow anymore up here in Minnesota definitely glad it’s spring..
    But we hardly got much snow otherwise much during the winter we had a few warm streaks within the last 2 months..
    That Frys store looks interesting definitely looks like a Walmart/Target to me as well definitely would be cool to check out if I had one of those as well..
    My new favorite on Chick-Fil-A menu is #8 it’s called the Grilled Cool Wrap very good and if your on a diet very delicious..

  8. Kim, last year, I think it was during the months of November and December, if you spent $300 total at Fry’s they gave you a coupon so you could get 60% off on gift like items. We normally shop at a different Frys but we went to the one on Tangerine and bought a bunch of t-shirts, Pyrex, serving bowls and platters etc. If they do that again at the end of this year you could get a bunch of gifts and great deals.

  9. We loved waking up to it snowing Tuesday! I drove through the snow driving to Sierra Vista, on the Saturday before, as well.. And the mountain right out my front door was covered! We can see Mt Lemmon from our patio, and it was absolutely beautiful! It’s all snowy on there, today, too!
    I REALLY need to check out that Fry’s!

  10. Omg, how funny. Snow hunting, no thank you. Had enough of that. Lol. That store looks exactly like a Kroger. It must be related.

  11. I’m so glad you got to see some snow ❄️! This is so funny but I went to Chick-fil-A today had to have some nuggets and Mac and cheese. A car in line had road rage and drove out of line and over the curb and onto the highway and almost hit a car. Crazy 😜 I know! Thanks for sharing your day!

  12. We alway.s love and appreciate our snow where we live …….I just love all the seasons so much… and fun in all seasons…..glad you got to see and enjoy a little, it was great you all went snow hunting, love it…..and that Frys store looks fantastic…..I see great prices, we got that blue andriondack chair for our front porch just yesterday at a store for 21.99 instead of what I see it was sold for at Frys, I wish we'd get a Frys in our area……..anyway, loved this video as always…..thanks for sharing!

  13. Hey that’s my local Fry’s! I forget that it’s not normal to have clothes and a home department lol. We always stop and browse the clothes with a full cart of groceries lol

  14. You are all hilarious looking for snow and liking it ! We finally got rid of our snow (we are in Minnesota) and I am not going to want to see anymore until next winter! LOL!! Have a great weekend!

  15. That’s cool you got to see some kind of snow even if it’s not much . Your kids are very cool kids and good ones too . Have a great Thursday kimberly 😊💕💗❤️

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