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Easy Budget Friendly Vegan Grocery Guide for Beginners WITH PRICES for 2021 -Vegan Grocery Haul

In our latest episode, we show you our BUDGET FRIENDLY vegan food haul from Costco and Sprouts with prices, and what we do with these items every week.

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  1. I love you two SO much… but Joey! For crying out loud, let Tim talk!!!! 😄 you grabbed everything out of his hands and spoke for him… Poor Tim, we love you too! My son has auto immune conditions and we would LOVE to ferment veggies and make Kambucha for gut health, but we're terrified 😨

  2. I get my tofu at Costco, as well as mushrooms, romaine, Broccoli, spinach, Normandy veg (frozen), frzn edamame mixed berries and blueberries, carrots and my Costco has dried black& pinto beans, and lentils 😀 (we're a family of five). Dave's killer bread and peanut butter, and the strawberry jam too. This was a fun video. ✌🏽

  3. This is great, helpful and inspiring. Just invested in a deep freezer and have been stocking up on my veggies because we're going through them like crazy! haha, it's awesome. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Hi, guys we are enjoying your channel. We live in Scottsdale and can't find the Lundberg Farms Organic Brown Rice anymore in Phoenix. What store did you get it at? I have been a Vegetarian / Vegan for 50 years and feel great, take no pills. I credit my good health to the diet!

  5. Why don't you buy cashews at Costco? They have organic unsalted cashews in a container by the snacks section at a good price.

  6. I just saw a gal make lentil flats. Water and red lentils only mAde with soaking 1 c lentils then blend w water fry innonstick skillet vs your Ezekiel bread. While food Plant based

  7. We love the bulk bins at Sprouts- everything is so affordable to buy that way. That's too bad that you can't use your reusable bags and have to bring home so much plastic. Have you tried heating up the tortillas first before trying to fold them? We've found that helps a bit to make them not break. What a great deal on that tofu from Costco- bulk buying really does save you money.

  8. Love the new music. Oh man, Costco is just to far and there is no Sprouts in sight. I love these types of videos because you get to see all the different things people put in their food. I had no idea about sprouted broccoli but now I'll be on the look out for it. I hate going to the store too. I try to avoid aisles with to many people in them and everyone else DOESN'T.

  9. Nice haul! I also like to buy a lot of cashews. I love making sauces or just eating them as a snack 🙂 I just bought pea milk for the first time and now it's waiting for me in my pantry to try it out. 🙂

  10. This is so helpful!!! I loved this video- it's so helpful!! I cannot wait for the Komboocha video. I've been wanting to make it but am scared lol. I also love the Golden Pineapple booch. That + brown rice cakes = fave quick snack

  11. Aweee man, just when you were getting into the package-free lifestyle, Covid had to hit. There are a few stores that are doing bulk in my area again and thankfully the 2 package free stores in my area were able to figure out new systems to work with that adhered to the health guidelines. Nice haul! Gotta love a last minute, impromptu video 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  12. lol I'm not a fan of mushrooms either!! But have been trying to cook with them sometimes in the past year, and I've come to the "I tolerate" them not liking them yet.. It really sucks they don't let you bring your containers in, same thing up here, soo much plastic 🙁 I didn't know Costco sold organic rice..I'll check if they sell that up here in Canada. I love pomegranate seeds! Agree you save money from buying big packages at Costco. Nice haul!

  13. Good morning my friends I’ve never seen Ezekiel wraps in my store now they do have the bread which I do by but I guess they wouldn’t be as pliable as some other wraps. I have to tell you if you were just in a really good barbecue sauce if they have it by you sugar-free baby Ray’s barbecue sauce it’s delicious without the sugar. By the way yesterday I went out to get my fresh spinach and my tofu to make the lasagna I’m so excited I can’t wait to try it, it’s going to be my Christmas main dish a lot different than it was last year that’s for sure😂 I have to be honest with you I don’t buy as many organic products as maybe I should but I have to go with what my wallet tells me to do but the scale is still moving down which is all that matters to me. But I have to say when I do see things on sale that are organic I will pick them up. Now I have to be honest with you as far as your bananas are concerned I’ve heard a lot of people say you don’t have to buy organic bananas they have such a thick skin on it that nothing is penetrating really through the skin at least that’s what I’ve heard and typically bananas are only $.22 a pound. Looks to me like you got really good deals in the stores for your organic vegetables anyway I hope you have a wonderful day I know I’ll see you guys again be safe see you soon

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