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  1. Hey Rose, I think it would be really cool if you could put Korean subtitles on your videos! Especially on the videos where you talk about veganism as a lifestyle and philosophy and so on. There are very few Korean vegan influencers, and I find it's very hard to talk about abstract concepts and subjects like speciesism when there is a language barrier.

  2. I'm not vegan but I might try that french toast meal. Was wondering what would replace the egg. I'd probably add some grated orange peel to the batter as it gives the flavor a little zip. =)

  3. Haha why is there tofu in your French toast? Use a couple of chia or flax “eggs” and no need to spent your whole budget on tofu!

  4. Easy Peasy, Rose!!! I love gnocchi and have actually found packages at The Dollar Tree!!! (there is no milk or egg in them). Also found on occasion at Aldi too! Great recipes, so thanks!!! I have bags of green, yellow and red lentils as well as red quinoa and tri-colored quinoa too. What kind of bread did you use for the French toast? It looked so yummy!!! Thanks Rose!!!!👏🏼

  5. I’m a little surprised by the last recipe with the green lentils. Seems a little bland for one of your recipes. I would need to add some spice!

  6. That french toast looks divine! I actually make it a similar way with red lentils, ACV, bananas and flax seed. So yummy, but these are pancakes haha. A very cool way to make french toast. Thank you for the tip! I love your channel 🙂

  7. Can I say how much I appreciate your used and regular looking / mismatched cookware?! And a stove top that isn't spotless, ig kitchens are pretty and everything but ain't nobody got time for that

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