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  1. first video of this guy i ever found was a seven year old french fry video. i started at the screen and wondered how on earth this 13 minute unedited video got him 2.18 mil subs. then i checked the date. this content is way better 😂

  2. Recipe below. Instead of griping that Sam doesn't do recipes, I'm helping Make America Cook Great Again by keying it in here:

    Gnocchi Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper) from stcg

    Saute half pound of pancetta until crispy. Or bacon if that's what you've got.
    Spoon out, set aside, retain the grease.
    4 oz parmigiano (classic is supposed to be pecorino, but hey). Blender is faster.
    Prepare 1 heavy teaspoon of pepper.
    Boil heavily salted water, drop the shelf stable Gnocchi for 2 mins. Unsure about fridge section gnocchi.
    Pull them out with a spider, retain a large cup of pasta water
    Bring the pancetta pan back, warm up the grease.
    Add a tablespoon of butter.
    When frothing, sprinkle in the pepper. Simmer one min.
    Drop the cooked gnocchi. Stir then let them get some toasty color.
    Add half the cheese, stir, deglaze with pasta water.
    Add the rest of the parm.
    Scrape into a serving bowl. Or plates. Sprinkle the crispy pancetta now.
    Garnish with parsley, parm, pepper.

  3. Just tried this recipe. I think it was a little salty, but that was my fault. Very tasty otherwise. I will absolutely try it another time. Thanks Sam!

  4. Just made it…mine doesn't look like your because I went with Max and used a tablespoon of pepper and it taste awesome. Tablespoon or teaspoon won't make or break this dish. Well worth making…..thanks Sam!

  5. I like your recipes, but the camera work. A slow motion shot of water not boiling and action shots of a pot? And I thought watching a pot boil in real life was boring 😛

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