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EASY CHANA DAL RECIPE ‣‣ healthy vegan dinner idea

Let’s make a quick and EASY chana dal recipe! This healthy vegan Indian recipe is packed with flavor and spices. It’s my spin on the classic recipe with amazing …

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  1. Thanks for trying an Indian dish, it opens up a whole world of vegan recipes and preparations with very distinct and amazing flavors. We typically start by seasoning the oil with Cumin seeds, afasoteda, red chilles. Then saute the onion till golden brown, with Garlic, ginger. Then add tomatoes, saute well follwed by all the spices you memtioned. Try squeeze of lime or lemon juice in the end to cut the starchiness. Great job!!

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  3. Looks good. Highly recommend making everything in a pressure cooker/instant pot. The flavors will infuse much better. Do the tomato-onion mixture first then add the soaked dal.. Indian cooking and a pressure cooker go hand in hand. If you soak the dal overnight or for a few hours the cook time is even less.

  4. I LOOOVE DAL SO SO MUCH!!! It's beyond flavorful!! But does anyone have a problem where it stains the containers you store them in?? How do you usually clean them?

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