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Easy Cheesy! Nut-free Gluten-free Vegan Cheese Sauce! Veganuary 2020!

Easy Cheesy! Nut-free Gluten-free Vegan Cheese Sauce! Veganuary 2020! Ingredients: 1 large red, yellow or orange Bell Pepper 3/4 cup Hemp Hearts 1/2 cup …

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  1. This is an awesome dip!! I’ll be trying this for sure! Only I might not be able to find Harissa anywhere but I’ll check. Thanks so much!

  2. Awesome Job … (as usual)
    Will be a Great addition to the Super Bowl spread! 🧀 🏈
    (Maybe you can consider adding a few more Super Bowl type foods to your Veganuary mission!) 💚

  3. I still use your original yellow sauce recipe but i will definitely try with the hemp hearts and fresh pepper instead of out the jar, much love ladies 😊💚✌️

  4. Argh I've been wanting to make vegan queso in a while but just lazy. This motivates me looks so yummy! Would probably heat it over the stove though cuz I like it warm. Does hemp have a strong flavour? Made some cashew recipes recently and feel the flavour's too strong for my liking.

  5. Sweet! Alright so I'll admit I still haven't tried the OG cashew version and that video was how I found you guys. 😂 The Cosori blender… Anyway! I have a question. Since I'm not nut free, does the cashew cheese taste better? I know I can play around w it and see what I like but I'm lazy.
    There are the nutritional benefits you get from hemp but taste wise, which is better?
    Thanks 😘

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