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EASY DINNER IDEAS! + Target Grocery Haul!

3 Easy Dinner Ideas + a mini Target Grocery Haul! Follow us on our Social Media! Subscribe to our DAILY VLOGS!

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  1. Why did you open the container of tomatoes, then pour them into a strainer? The reason for the holes on the container so you can put water, then rinse them still in the container then drain.😀

  2. I just discovered a new Hyvee in maple Grove and they have the big beauty section but I didn't see a cloth g section. They also had a huge candy section tok with candy from different countries. It is super nice. One of my new favorite places to shop

  3. Curious what is different about you than a lot of these other YTers now days. You very rarely do a sponsorship, which I totally don’t mind when you do, because you’re real. But most all your videos are just real lifestyle videos. Almost like you truly enjoy doing YT. 😉Whereas all these other gals have almost been pulled away from their authenticity by money for sponsorships. You’re just refreshing!

  4. Great dinner ideas. Thanks. They look delicious! Seeing your grocery haul reminded me I wanted to pick up dried fruit and I forgot. 🙈. Thanks for doing the grocery haul. It gives me ideas of some items I need or want to try.

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