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Easy Dinners to Impress! (fancy vegan meals)

Hi and hello there! Today I’ve got 4 tasty, easy and simple dinner ideas you can make to impress your loved ones with. Feel free to share your recreations on …

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  1. not that it matters but I thought I might share the very little knowledge I have from having a father from Iran ><
    "Sumak" is actually pronounced something like: Schomack/ Schomock (The A sounds like the o in John, englisch pronounciation)
    Soo.. pretty similar to a German not-emphasized O but a bit in the A direction, if that makes sense😂

  2. do you think it'd be possible to make the first recipe with tofu instead? tempeh is super hard to find where i live and it sounds sooo nice

  3. I want u to try this mint sauce which u can use with anything that u prefer 😀
    Mint leaves
    Green chilli
    1 tomato

    Mix that together then add plain white yogurt.

    To make it sour u can put either lemon juice or an unripe green mango NOT BOTH.

    Now mix it all together and enjoy.
    To make it runnier add water.
    There is no real measurements for this so do whatever.
    This is an easy recipe which does not include boiling or whatever.
    This sauce can be frozen for a couple of weeks. If u wish to freeze it, DO NOT add the yogurt in. Instead, take it out of the freezer and microwave for around 15 seconds and then add the yogurt.

    Can’t wait for u to try this :>

  4. Ohhh i saw the "Meal from the Sims" asking from a user. That would be amazing!!! Also I would love to see… I dont know how to say it in english. "Resteverwertung"? What you do, if you have half a tofu or maybe just a little bit of… idk left foods. I think some vegans just cook for therselves or for 2 persons and than there ist often something is left over.

  5. Hey Mina, I bought some vegan protein powder a while ago but I have no idea how to incorporate it in recipes. I know you sometimes use it in your videos. Maybe you could collect your recipes that include protein powder and share them in a new video 🤗

  6. "doesn´t this also kinda look like fish? like if you´re squinting your eyes… like a lot" 😂😂 es sieht auf jeden Fall mega lecker aus 😍

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