Easy Egg Salad ~ No Peeling the Eggs!

How have I not seen this before? It’s a little pressure cooking hack that makes it super easy to make egg salad without ever having to peel the eggs. It’s been out …

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  1. Genius! Can't wait to try them this way. A full sized loaf pan will fit in the Ninja! Well now, I understand why people buy that awkwardly large PC. Oh well my two other brands can't last forever. Sweet pickles in egg salad sounds really good. Thank you for the recipe.

  2. this is goofy. just crack the eggs into a glass cup with a stem and boil in the pot like normal, use more than one glass if you want. they come out exactly like a boiled egg. no brown no plastics/rubber shit in the mix. and best its free.

  3. It's quicker to boil the eggs and peel them. If you put the boiled eggs in a bowl of ice water to cool, the shells come off really easily.

  4. The pressure cooker is not necessary at all. You can do this in a simple saucepot or skillet on the stove. Just don't scramble the eggs. You can also use a toaster oven or regular oven.

  5. Wow, I can't believe that I'm seeing this channel just now for the 1st time! I love you channel and have subscribed! I love egg salad but detest having to stand there and peel the eggs. I've gone to buying egg salad but it's just not as good. This is awesome!! I don't have any type of pressure cooker though. I'm thinking I can experiment with this in the microwave. I tell you this, everything you put in your salad is exactly what I put in my own homemade salad, EXCEPT that I use Miracle Whip instead of Mayonnaise. Yeah, I know some are reading this and going EEEEWWWWWW 😂. But that's what I grew up with and I love it. Anyway, I'm SO happy I found your channel!

  6. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me if I need to get an Insta-pot and/or an air fryer. My kids are grown and on their own, and I am a widow. Do I need one? I still go to potlucks.

  7. this looks like it took longer than the traditional way to make egg salad…I boil the eggs, peel them under cold water and mash them with a potato masher and add ingredients …voila

  8. Awesome,I will never peel eggs again in my life. Your cooking time was perfect. I make this the other day and used a silicone cupcake pan for the eggs ,worked great . Decided to order a set of instant pot things,for my instant pot to make more eggs. Thank you for this awesome easy time saving idea.

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