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Today I’ve got a run-through of my less-makeup look (what many people would call an “everyday” look… but I usually wear more makeup than this every day) lol …

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  1. Ah, Shelly! I just feel like you’re not super happy in this video. Like, almost uncomfortable? I dunno. I say you do makeup however you like to do it! Your everyday look doesn’t have to be someone else’s everyday look! You do you boo 😘 this is lovely, as is everything you do!

  2. Shelly you're gorgeous!! Also I love freckles always have. Nowadays they have freckle pens hun so I just wanted to tell you. I super enjoyed this video. Take care of yourself hun. 😁🥰❤

  3. Hello ladies…I am.43 needing to start anti aging skin care as well as makeup…what are some good staples to start with..brushes, pallets etc. Have combo light skin with neutral undertons or slightly cool

  4. Catching up on all your videos now that I have power and internet back…yay! One quick question… can you recommend a red lipstick? I have never tried a red lip but I want to do a look with just liner and lashes on my eyes and a nice red lip. Not sure what red makes your teeth look white… don’t want the yellow look lol. Oh and thanks for showing that you can use regular hair gel for eyebrows. I am so gonna get a bottle of gel and skip the expensive brow gels 🙏😍
    P.S. Not looking for a bright red but maybe a more berry red 😁

  5. YES YES!!! My right eye, outer corner, where the lid meets the crease!! REFUSES to grab powder shadow! I always have to rely on my eyeliner and smudge it out a bit to fill in that annoying spot!! 😂😂😂😂😜 Ugghhh!!!

  6. Thanks for this tutorial. I have to try the concealer instead of foundation. I try to use less foundation for no makeup days and somehow it always ends up looking like full face glam 🤣 I can't help it

  7. The 90's/early 2000's were not good to my brows…Although I had my eyebrows tattooed on about 2 months ago and I wish I would have done it sooner!!! Powder brows might be the best money I've ever spent!

  8. Hi!! 🖐 Shelly, hope you doing well, did you know that Danessa Myriks products are gonna be at SEPHORA soon, have you try any of her makeup products? I know they are amazing specially the foundation I watch a makeup tutorial like a 2 years ago or so and I was so amazed how that foundation works on the skin. I'm going to be broke soon lol, and is launching soon YAY!!

  9. Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one who had an area above my eye that didn't hold shadow well. And it's my right eye and I also have hooded lids. Glad to know I'm not alone 😁

  10. I really liked the first brush you used for the concealer, could I tell me what kind it was? I'm not happy with the brush I currently use:( Thank you 💖

  11. Whew, if makeup could hide all the "scars" of my youth, I would be worlds different, LOL. No, seriously, I understand. You are comfortable with what you wear because it is about feeling confident and relaxed and not about "being" someone else – being the you that makes you feel like a rockstar. Keep it up. 😘

  12. Can you please review the Undone beauty conceal 3 in 1 (concealer) ? I saw reviews pop up when I searched, but none in our age group. I really want to try it because I prefer my skin to look like skin ☺️

  13. Hey guys i just wanted to tell you 2 dollar store fav's one is the Sponge from believe beauty (Dollar General) and right now at the Dollar Tree there is Hyaluronic Acid 1% Vitamin C Serum I highly recommend if you have dry skin its only $1 and after 2 days my skin has seen major improvement its Creme de skin Nutritions and they also have a night retinol serum i have not used that though oh also I am liking the dollar general Believe beauty Brow pencil

  14. I know you’re teaching from home but I am in school doing Hibyrd I would love to learn how to put make up on and it not come off my mask every day by the end of the day if you could think about it a good way to wear make up thank you

  15. Yay, can’t wait to relax with this post later on tonight ♥️🧡😊! What’s your advice on color correction (dry wrinkly, leaning strongly towards needing the effect of lavender)? Powders? Tubes? Creams? Mixtures? I know they were all the rage years ago but I wasn’t paying attention lol! I noticed you used a Laura Gellar way back but it’s not being made anymore, I think.

  16. My mom, to this day, still wears a full face of makeup every day because of the fact that she was always teased as a kid for how red her face would get. She said they would always point and laugh and call her tomato face and it always got to her. She’s so unbelievably beautiful without makeup, but because of her being teased about it as a child… I don’t think she will ever NOT wear a full face of makeup when she leaves the house.

  17. Great video Shelly. Great look. I take it Zeva is off speaking to his agent as he didn't appear today! A little kitten followed my son home from the shop yesterday evening. Poor wee thing. He/she is soooooo skinny, sore eyes, mange and respiratory problems. It got a tin of tuna and a bit of pate last night and lots of water and is getting a visit to the vet today hopefully. We're normally a dog house but this wee guy has stolen our hearts. We have posts up on fb and snapchat looking for the owners but whoever owned this wee thing had better have a good reason for the poor creature being in such bad health. I think it's gonna have to stay with us. My daughter has named it Midnight. It's almost pure black with a few solitary white hairs (which we didn't see until AFTER it got bathed – that was a fun experience!! We all know how much cats love baths – not).

  18. I completely feel the red face, any feeling I had came out in blushing. I couldn't hide one if you paid me. Nobody ever mentioned it but I hated it. I like to share what I want, not react with my Irish skin 🤣❤

  19. I love you Shelly! For so many reasons but mostly because you're so relatable! Yes I have that spot that won't take eyeshadow and I have that one eye where the lashes just will not fill out with mascara and look as good as the other and I have one side of my hair that never lays right and my allergies ruin my makeup all the time and when I do invest in expensive things they never last long and I'm a big geek and nerd and goofball because if I wasnt? I'd go insane with the ridiculousness of it all! 😁❤😘

  20. I really liked seeing that no makeup look you'd mentioned, about using just concealer! I feel like once I figure more out, that'll be most likely my go-to 😁 Thanks for sharing it with us, Shelley! 🥰 I just bought my first foundations – I've only gotten samples at Sephora after getting colour matched and those mini samples with online orders (Can anybody actually manage to do a whole face with those?!?). I splurged cuz my drug store was selling all their L'Oreal true match for CA$6 so I could afford grabbing more than one to figure out my shade – even after going back and watching your review and wear test! Seriously they are so helpful!
    Anyway, long story endless: it made me wonder what you thought of your old good-grade drugstore faves, and how do you feel about them now? Like maybe you could do a couple GRWMs or something where you apply and review like the oldest (and still available? 😅) foundations from your earliest videos. Anyway, just an idea! Okay I'm gonna go binge some more of your videos, byeee

  21. Shelly
    I love it!!! 😎❣🌴
    And….YES!! You're right —we tend to think WHY DOES SHELLY WEAR MAKEUP WITH SUCH GOOD COMPLEXION AKA, NEARLY PERFECT SKIN? But you explained it well and WE BENEFIT SO MUCH FROM YOUR psyche, forcing you to do this😨
    I'm just delighted to see this and I think it's extremely creative of you and it looks so natural in the way you put powder on so quickly- that's the way I'm used to doing it– now would LOVE A SETTING POWDER DEMO/TUTORIAL!!. The careful way you explained before I have saved your instructions to a file and going to practice on it —-SUPER video!! I LOVE no makeup makeup and GRWM, AND ur eye looks are the best on YouTube!!

  22. Girl if your everyday makeup is full coverage you do you!!! Your skin in beautiful and you don’t need it but if that’s what makes you happy I say do it. I don’t think you ever use foundations that are too heavy or thick anyways.💜 the look!!! Those nails are fabulous.
    Ps. Throw that mirror out! It’s causing you anxiety and frustration that no one needs

  23. If I’m going to bother putting on makeup, I do all of it. Foundation, powder, brow gel, eyeshadow, mascara, blush and bronzer, and lip gloss. My face goes cherry red very easily, too.

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