Easy Game Day Appetizers – Super Bowl Appetizers

Thank you for watching my easy game day appetizers video. On this video, I cook up some of my favorite super bowl appetizers on my El Charro Brazilian Style …

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  1. Hi there, popped over from Craig's channel. Come to see your chicken bbq vid…
    What a great spread you have I like how you cook the shrimp and mushrooms and that pineapple must be so good….
    Have a great week and I'll catch you again very soon…👍

  2. I like the wings and wing tips. Go Raiders .. my team sticking with them . I just want to see a good game. I feel it will be a high scoring game. Have fun be safe. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Holy buckets Joe! That is a sweet spread of SB food. I'm really diggin that shrimp basket attachment. My favorite is the hot spicy free ones. Or the flats. My favorite team is the Bears but since they suck I'm stickin with the NFC and goin for the Bucs. I like Tom Brady anyway. He needs to win a Super Bowl before he retires, lol. Have a great day brother.

  4. Dang Joe, if I copy all of your great idea's for Super Bowl appetizers I'm gonna be in serious danger of having to buy some bigger jeans😜😜🤣🤣🏈🏈🏈. Great video as always!!! You've really got it going on with that El Charro and all the attachments!!!!

  5. Tasty, tempting and terrific!! Using the devils pitch fork, food spinning on swords had me hooked, these looked absolutely fabulous! 🤘😍👏 All the best to family, Joe. 😊❤❤❤ Edit.. flats. Yay pineapple!

  6. Hey Joe love that El Charro my new toy next.. I’ve seen you and Craig’s vids but one of you gotta make a whole chicken for you next vid with the Charro..🤜🏼🤛🏼

  7. Damn Brother Joe, you took the whole party for a spin on the El Charro🙂👍 It all looked absolutely amazing! Wings looked slamming, the shrimp and sausage make a great surf & Turf👌 let's not forget the delicious pineapple! This was a fun collaboration! Awesome cook brother! Thanks for sharing, have a great one, you all stay safe!👍👊🍻🤘 #ELCHARROHALFTIMESHOW

  8. Brotha Joe! You loaded that sucker down! Man, that's awesome. With all those attachments you can really do work! Thanks for joining in, your cooks are always on point. Those homemade brats are dynamite!

  9. How do you know which rubs/seasonings are too salty, especially when combining? I try a lot of rubs/seasonings, theres times my meat comes out too salty – when I'm looking for a balance of good flavor and seasonings. HELP!!! I dig your videos. Good stuff!!!

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