Easy Game Day Recipes. Super Game Day Party 2020! If you’re looking for EASY, GOOD game day recipes for your game day, Big Game Day party or …

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  1. I saw the Disney mug.
    Now I am not sure about the grape meatballs lol. But I am willing to try them. I am going to say something blasphemous … I hate banana pudding 😱😱 but I might be inspired to make it for the family 😂😂😂
    Now back to the meatballs. I am intrigued as to how they will come out. I figure if Wendi is vouching for them, they are prob GOOD!!

  2. Huddle up! I said “what?” out loud with the grape jelly on meatballs 😆 Was that Tinkerbell about the light outlet? Am I the MVP?!?! Banana pudding looked soooo yummy 😋 Mr Sweet Tea says “No flags!”

  3. Awe, Wendi! Thank you so much for inviting me to this! My husband would LOVEEEEE all of these. He’s the meat eater in our household! I totally need to make some of these for him! I love your little football serving dish too! That is adorable! No shame in the ultra banana pudding! It is a crowd pleaser!! Also that intense game day music is the best 😆❤️

  4. Really??? Grape Jelly Meatballs? well… if you say they are good… I would try them… does NOT sound like my typical game day munch… ha ha… mmmm… love the dip too… oh and the dogs… now vanilla wafers is where it's at! ha ha…

  5. Hi Wendi. Everything you made looked good. I like how you can easily sub an item out, as I do not eat pork. But I can see beef, chicken, or no meat at all can be used instead on some of the items. I liked your music too. And having Mr. SweetTea try it, perfect ending. 😉😀 -Ali 🎀🏰💖

  6. awesome – but i think my cholesterol just went up by watching this video 🙂 pudding really looks good! I think i spied a mickey minny mug holding spoons and forks! 🙂 no penalties from mr sweet tea – good job Wendi!!!!!! 🙂

  7. I had someone to introduce me to jelly meatballs and it was so good! You are just too creative with this video girl, you better do it. Ooooo def trying that sausage cheese dip – looks so good!! Can’t go wrong with any of these. Such a fun little party, thanks for inviting me!

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