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EASY HEALTHY SNACK IDEAS! | My Shredding Diet Favorites

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  1. "LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" …dude, are you for real??? Rice is healthy??? Since when??? It's a grain = lots of carbs = sugar = spiking insulin …need I say more? Notice he doesn't really let you see the back information. You couldn't pay me to subscribe to your channel.

  2. lmao "tongue punching the lid' i laughed so fucking hard dude. im on a high protein diet and hitting the gym hard every night. your meal prep videos and the snack videos are really helping.

  3. "sugary flavorish with no sugar… is just shhh… does something for me"… yes you dumb ass… it causes an insulin reaction. You would think someone selling meal plans would understand this, but seeing how you push BCAAs expectations for you are right where they should be. Low as fuck.

  4. Here in my country I may not be able to get the exact same snacks shown here, but with this, I have a better idea of what to go for. Thank you so much man!

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