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Super simple vegan meals with Iron in mind. One with a good source of Iron and one incredibly high in iron! Let me know if you want more Iron recipes.

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  1. Hope you enjoy! Forgot to say, please share your favourite ways to get iron in so anyone looking for ideas has more and I have more too! love always Rach xxxxx

  2. I LOVE your channel Ms. Ama!!! On this episode I learned that aubergine (sp) = eggplant!!! Didn't know they were rich in iron…ps I am a doctor! This is actually how I cook on a normal basis. Not quite vegan at the moment but I love being creative and considering nutrition when I cook for myself and my family…we Caribbean lol! Anyway KEEP EDUCATING THE PEOPLE AND BEING BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Omg !!!
    Thank you gawd your jerk Caribbean dinner was in my recommendation. I just been benge watching your vids. You have a new subbie in me. Plus I can make one pot vegan meals for my family. Btw I'm not vegan just love cooking with fresh ingredients.

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