Easy Keto Avocado Egg Salad Recipe | Karen and Eric Berg

Check out the full recipe here: Looking for a fresh summer meal? You have to give this easy keto …

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  1. I made this a bit different, with onion, avocado, tuna, 🥚 , parsley, chive, fish eggs, dill, pepper, salt, olive oil, lemon juice, it was super duper good, much better than trumps 🚀.

  2. Hello!! I just subscribed to your channel, I struggled a lot to find recipes to continue with my Keto diet, but thanks to you Eric, you are always aware of your followers and you have thought of us. My family and I thank you and send you greetings from Mexico.

  3. This recipe, combined with the Cauliflower wraps will be great for my lunch box. So much better then the sweeter, kiddy type food that you do a lot of.
    What I struggle with in Keto is a little snack to fill the gap at times and stuff to take to work and eat during the day. At least until such time as I go into Ketosis. Which I dip in and out of due to the reasons above. It's all about time and energy when I'm working. Please could you create some vegi, keto recipes with that in mind. Keep up the great works guys.

  4. Using an egg slicer, first one way, then turning the egg around and doing it again makes a nice small dice and WAY faster and less messy than hacking a bunch of rolling egg chunks on a cutting board lol

  5. I'm like Dr. Berg and can eat the same thing everyday; However, now that I'm seeing these scrumptious recipes, well, I need to find a healthy mayo, can anyone give me some advice? I'll bed Dr. Berg already has a video for this….

  6. Yumz. 😋 What's not to like about any of these ingredients. 🥑🥓🥚Mmm. Great for meal prep too. Thank you muchly for sharing this recipe with us all. Take care, & stay safe too everybody. 😷❤🙂🐶

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