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WEEKLY KETO MEAL PREP TIPS AND 7 EASY KETO DINNER IDEAS The key to staying successful on the keto diet is to be prepared. Juggling working full …

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  1. I don't have an instant pot and I've been seeing a lot of meals using one. My question is, does the instant pot heat up the kitchen like an oven or slow cooker?

  2. Gosh! I'm hooked on this channel! ❤ very helpful during my second week of keto. I also appreciate all your efforts into filming all these clips throughout the week while cooking, running a household and working. It's hard work and I want to thank you!

  3. Holy smokes. This is the MOST full packed keto meal prep video I've ever watched!! Thank God I stumbled upon your video this is soooo helpful. I'm sick eating just lettuce salad XD.

  4. Omg, I just love you👍 thank you SO MUCH for the great ideas👍 I was sitting here trying to figure out my next move after 6 weeks on the keto and 10 pounds down👍 but was getting truly frustrated and hitting a plateau😔 I’m going to do the food prep tomorrow, and get started on these recèpes, well at least a few that I like! Some I don’t eat, but willing to try 😇 I started the keto 360 nutrition instant coffee sweetened-which has less caffeine then most, and started with 1 teaspoon first to see how I feel, and I like it👍 Thank you again👏😇💝

  5. You are excellent I just found your channel and I'm glad I did,subscribed. Really appreciate your hard work and effort. I like your nice,calm, easy manner and style. Great recipes will be trying them soon. Thank you!!

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