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Easy Lasagna recipe, RAMADHAN RECIPES FOR IFTAR Day 1 2020

Hello loves,, Ramadhan Mubarak if you are fasting So loves I’mma try and have a video Every day for you guys ❤️ Please share and turn on your notification …

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  1. I looooove lasagna so much😭😍I will definitely try this recipe out one of these days🙌🏾✨this would be so good for iftar🥂May This Ramadan Be The Best One Yet😊

  2. Girl I've learnt a lot about lasagna from this video, didn't even know exactly what's needed to make it.
    Qn: can it be made without lasagna sheets🙈😅

  3. Bae was just telling me how much he loves lasagna instead of pizza just yesterday you have no idea how this video has come in handy🥰you saved my dignity here babe😂😂

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