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Easy Meal Planning 2020 !!

Meal planning is the first step to systematic organised cooking. it removes the stress and makes meal preparation an enjoyable task. This video gives a number …

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  1. fantastic work!
    love the clear break down and slides!

    shows that you have thought through this and remarkable presentation!

    Feedback- if you were to, rephrase or redo slides ever, pls include beetroot, broccoli, avacado, quinoa and buckwheat too.

    Again very good work !

  2. Please make a video on how to manage home , daily chores and cooking with kids for a working women. It seems you must have experience, so please share tips about it. Regards.

  3. Wow ..first time I have seen some useful video ….always some ladies in YouTube are bent upon organization using paper, baskets etc… etc….but this is real good Information…aunty can you please share some more healthy after office snacks like u mentioned peanuts.

  4. Dear Geetha, you are amazing. I am a very good fan of you. I watched all your vedio s. These are very helpful to all home makers. So thankful to you.
    Regarding this video particularly I, being a senior citizen and living with my husband, have a doubt. … As per your breakfast options…. if I prepare batter for idly and dosa (we prefer separate batter for both) once in a week in grinder it will remain for 4 weeks (if we do for two people once a week) . 4 weeks a longer time for the batter!
    And another thing if I purchase a whole wheat bread packet for both of us… it will remain again and I want to follow your pattern which seems to follow very much. What can I do? Please suggest me. my question is clear I think.

  5. Such a useful video Gitaji, especially for working women. Being a full time working mom of 2 young kids and living outside of India where no help is available, I really struggle to ensure I have prepped so that the work week goes smoothly. Kids lunch boxes in the morning and evening dinner are what I plan.

  6. Mam I am really a fan of u my name is dolly from kerala I have subscribed ur channel I year back every day I watch ur channel I am a govt servant and I got a lot of tips from. U and every night I didn't sleep with out watching ut channel

  7. Amma kindly give some tips for people who start their day by 7:00 in morning . Like for teachers. Planning becomes very tough . Moreover some easy way to avoid morning tiredness .As you know life is too fast .

  8. Such an excellent meal planning session . Thank you somuch Ma'am. I too feel very confused as to what to make each day . You have made it so systematic and simple . A real go to video . Will always keep for reference .

  9. Namaste mam.Thanks for showing a balanced and nutritional meal plan of the day.Very useful guide fòr me.I tried your aval upma recipe.A simple homestyle dish liked by all the members in my family.

  10. U are a complete woman. Incredible Research! Home management is the tuffest of all.
    Proactivity saves time,energy.It brings peace and health to the family,saves a lot of wastage too.Dear sister I have learnt all from u.Really grateful and love u.

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