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EASY Monthly Freezer Meal Prep | Easy Meals For Large Family

EASY Monthly Freezer Meal Prep | Easy Meals For Large Family MY VLOG CHANNEL(New Video Tuesdays): …

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  1. The Taco soup looks interesting but I usually make Six Sisters 7 Can Tortilla soup. Mind you I don't use canned chicken, I cook my own seasoned chicken and shred it. I also don't use canned green enchilada sauce. I usually make my own red enchilada sauce or I substitute an organic roasted garlic salsa and some of my own homemade tomato sauce. I alter alot of Six Sisters recipes to suit our low fat, low sodium diet. Just like for this recipe for taco soup I wouldn't use the bone broth instead I would use low sodium beef broth and I wouldn't add a whole block of cream cheese in order to lower the fat content. There is enough fat in the beef. I would like use a cornstarch slurry to thicken and only add a couple tablespoons of cream cheese.

  2. Thanks for some great ideas! With 6 kiddos and we homeschool I can burned out of meal ideas at times! You make it look so quick n easy!😉 you do a great job!

  3. Thanks so much for the great inspiration! I so often have no idea what to make.. or even what I feel like eating! So, I normally make what my family loves, but I cannot have(dietary reasons) and then I just don't eat or eat something just to check eating off the list.. But that chicken salad recipe looked incredibly delicious and I made it right away! Thank you so much, as it isn't often that I truly enjoy what I eat. Keep up the great work Adaline.. I have been in similar shoes to you in the past..You are very resilient and and inspiration.. Remember, you can do ALL things through Christ who will give you strength.

  4. I'm going to make those breakfast burritos this weekend but really so many great ideas in this video. ♥️♥️♥️
    Could you share what kind of under the counter lights you use?

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