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EASY PLANT BASED DINNERS ‣‣ weeknight dinner ideas

Here are three easy plant based dinners that are great for weeknights! These gluten-free vegan recipes are simple to make, packed with flavor and so cozy.

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  1. My little brother (17) has been struggling with eating for about a year. His throat shut, he has a bad acid reflex just got test result back from third doctor. Poor kid is allergic to everything! Grains, meat, dairy, gluten, nuts! I need help! Plant based, gluten free vegans hit me up with your best recipes. My father is a big meat eater and is Mexican so he loves his spices. Poor mom can’t cook to save her life but she tries with her all American pork chops and meatloaf. Between the three of us I’m the best cook ( I venture more thank you internet) and I’m trying to help my brother eat more than cereal for the rest of his life . He’s lost so much weight, it’s been such a hard journey but he’s so positive so that makes it better. Found this channel hopping for some new recipes!

  2. I have a question about the quinoa pizza crust. In the video you said that the quinoa has to soak for 30 minutes, but on the blog it says that it should soak overnight? Just wondering which one was right

  3. Your Vegan Truffle Mac and Cheese sounds awesome….had Red Lobster's lobster truffle mac and cheese, before I stopped eating meat….have craved it ever since! Definitely ordering the truffle ingredients from amazon and trying this one….thanks for posting Alyssa! Will update after I have made it!

  4. Hi Alyssa,

    The quinoa crust looks very interesting, I should give it a go.
    Have you tried making the crust with cooked quinoa? I am not vegan so I often make such with cooked quinoa and a couple of eggs, I mix in the eggs well with the cooled quinoa and then spread it on a baking paper, once it bakes I add toppings as desired. I am not sure if it'd work with a vegan egg, it does not always hold together great as it needs a bit more binding and you can feel the grain texture of the quinoa but I love the taste. It doesn't get crispy though, it's a different take on pizza but my spin on it.
    I will try your version next!

  5. I am fairly new to your channel but I love your recipes! So glad I found you. I have been gluten free for many years but recently figured out that a skin condition that I have had for 11 yrs is due to a dairy allergy. Thanks for all these great recipes!

  6. cooking books are always like a saviour when starting wondering what to cook when there is no ordering outside well this pizza is always such a yummi thing no wonder what it comes in which form☺️

  7. I’m a subscriber and I generally really like your videos. BUT (I don’t know if anyone else had this problem) your website link and actual website viewed thru internet browser is so filled with ads that the information is un-readable BECAUSE the page refreshes so many times it’s impossible to read information all the way thru. The page jumps around and around…..I’m using an iPad to view your info. Any suggestions on how to fix this is welcome.

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