EASY QUNOA SALAD RECIPES ‣‣ 2 vegan meal prep ideas

Today we’re making two amazing and super easy quinoa salad recipes! These recipes are healthy, gluten-free and a great vegan meal prep idea. I love using …

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  1. Such a shame all these folks with large SM followings didn't mind calling themselves Vegan when it helped them create a name for themselves. Now that they're making the $$ off the word, it doesn't matter anymore. They keep using the word, but fuck the Animals. Let them suffer as long as YOU ALL make your fake fiat money in this mind controlled slave system.

  2. Looking soo delishiosso, hahah. I have just learned that I can use already purchased humus, add a little water, maybe some lemon juice and spices, mix and it can make a sauce to use cold or warm! Soo yummy

  3. These look perfect! My fiance and I recently bought a house and we're spending a lot of time working on it but we don't have a microwave or any cooking stuff there yet so meals that I can prep at our condo and are great right out of the fridge are perfect.

  4. Tried the Moroccoan Lentil, not so great. Followed the recipe to the T. I've been to Morocco, didn't exactly find anything Moroccoan in the recipe. Also the written recipe and what the vlogs shows does not exactly match.

  5. Love your recipes. I use a small lidded ball jar to mix my dressings. Just shake. Does a better job of emulsifying plus you can store extra dressing in them.

  6. Delicious yes ofcourse!.. love with this combo will try..some seasoning & some spread sauce with me but quiona other ingredients are missing well never goes wrong when comes to quiona love it 😊🎉🎉yah it's a perfect receipe for this freaking winter👀👀

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