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EASY & SIMPLE LOW CARB MEALS FOR WEIGHT LOSS | What I Eat 2021 | lil Piece of Hart

Happy New Year! 2021! Today I’m going over some easy and simple meals that are low carb. This is what I eat for weight loss and it’s working so I’m going to …

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  1. Hi there! I just found and I’m so glad. I tried keto last year and had pretty nice results- 14 pounds but then it stopped😭😭😭I need to lose 50. The reason I think why is because I was following all these stupid keto you tubers promoting all these products. You don’t do that! You’re just normal and down to earth and I’m so proud of your success. Pray for me please I’m gonna try again 🙏🙏🙏

  2. We are so similar! I lost weight for my wedding in 2014, then again in 2016 after my first daughter, and am currently on my journey after having my 2nd daughter in 2019! My channel is also geared towards my low carb lifestyle and my family following a “normal” diet! Definitely subscribing to you! Very inspiring!

  3. Everything looks SO YUMMY! Definitely going to try the tuna salads (especially your husband's — I hope that's keto friendly!), the Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo, and the Broccoli Soup. <3

  4. Lots of great recipes! I have a question about the wine. I’m gearing more towards a keto-terranean (Mediterranean keto) lifestyle and would like to incorporate a glass of wine every now and then. I was told that you can find wines that are 1 carb per glass. Do you have recommendations of low carb wines and how many ounces for that carb amount?

  5. Dear Kat, thank you so much for always being there to encourage and inspire us; especially now that most of us have just pressed the "keto reset" button for the new year! I pray it will be an amazing one for you and your sweet family. Also, I would love the recipe for your favorite Cajun rub, featured in the video [and how you cooked the chicken? Was it done in the air fryer, or baked?]

  6. Happy New Year, Kathleen🎉 It's really great seeing how you've been able to lose weight through the years.
    Thanks for all the motivation…I could really use it! Those meal preps look delicious…looking forward to trying them all👍👍👍😋🌸🌞

  7. I follow a lot of PhDs and Medical doctors on nutrition and weight loss, where I often get the scientific info and research. But when it comes to putting the Low Carb strategy into a doable and easy practice…I come to this channel. Awesome video!!

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