EASY SNACK IDEAS | Summer Snacks For Kids

Today I’m sharing two easy snack ideas for kids. The first is a dip perfect for dipping fresh fruit in & the other is oatmeal raisin bars. Thank you to Tamara …

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  1. I have some peanut butter that needs to be used up and this dip looks great! I love dollar tree and to be able to get cookbooks there is a plus! Tfs 😊 It's been so fun being able to collab with all of you ladies! 😃

  2. That dip looked so good! And those bars too! It’s always nice to have some new yummy snack recipes! Love the parchment paper idea with stuff like that. Makes it so much easier! Such a fun collab!

  3. This is awesome Taylor, I appreciate the snacks ideas as I need more on list 😊 however if u don't mind here's a little one of mines and I don't mind sharing.

    This is a family size recipe

    One large container of Greek yogurt plain
    2 cucumbers peeled and diced into small pieces place in a large bowl
    One large lemon cleaned and cut to squeeze the lemon juice in the cucumbers
    Half fresh dill cut and minced
    Sea salt cracked black pepper to taste
    Drizzle a little EVO in the bowl
    Combine everything together
    Use pita bread or Greek bread at any store they should have or a Arabic store or ur local Middle East or Greek store take all the bread cut them in triangles place them on a aluminum foil cookie baking sheet put enough EVO over the bread and put fresh cracked sea salt or a pinch of ur Favorite salt u can use Himalayan salt bake at 350 until the bread looks golden toasted or crunchy how u like them.
    Can be served with fresh broccoli, Greek olives, carrots, cherry tomatoes, fresh sliced cucumbers, cauliflower, snow peas or sugar snap peas, whatever veggies u like to eat

    I use this as a snacks when my kids was out for summer break it was a big hit with their friends as well and was shared with some families get togetherness or to celebrate a holiday, it was easy and refreshing and definitely not heavy on the stomach.

  4. My grandma's chicken casserole – slow cooker dish – English Country Cottage Garden Chicken Casserole – she used to live in a lovely little village in England called Willersey – you can call it Willersey Chicken if you want to. That would make me very happy. Chicken – any type – mint sauce (fresh mint and vinegar) redcurrant jelly (or any red jam from berries) gooseberries (like your tomatillos), potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, fresh rosemary, butter, water, chicken bouillon (if the chicken is boneless), salt and pepper. Have it with really nice boiled potatoes or mash and maybe some garden peas. This would be a traditional Sunday lunch in my family's house a couple of generations ago – just stuff from the garden put in a pot and put in the oven. But it works for a slow cooker – or stove top – anything goes really – as long as it is nice and fresh from the garden – hence English Country Cottage Garden Chicken Casserole. Enjoy. The mint sauce and the fruity jam are the things that really make it. Thank you and best regards from England.

  5. Hello – I need to tell you my story about Hummous – that chick pea dip. I had it in Madrid once – a lady bought it to a party in a big tupperware box and one of the guests said it was a bit 'lite' – it took me years to figure out what she meant by that – I think she meant it did not have much flavour – not enough garlic, not enough salt and pepper, not enough lemon juice – basically just mashed up chick peas. Anyway – We can get massive bags of dried chick peas in this country – the Indian influence. Also we can get Tahini – the sesame seed paste – the Turkish and Middle Eastern influence – can you get Tahini over there? I understand some people use peanut butter in their hummous but I think the sesame seed paste does something to the texture and flavour. Anyway – I have learnt you cannot make hummous really in a liquidiser/blender – you have to have a food processor. Also, a major trick if to add iced water into it at the end – I learnt this of Ottolengi – a TV chef in the UK. Anyway – I love hummous but it is really expensive here in the UK – something like £3.50 for 250g. I use a pressure cooker to cook my chick peas – about 200 g of dried peas makes about 2 litres of hummous. You have to soak them over night. Anyway – I love hummous and I am so glad I have learnt how to make it myself. I am going to try your pinto bean refried beans – that also looks fantastic – I might have it with rice and cornbread – I am trying to learn how to make hush puppies right now. Also, I highly recommend adding saffron to your white rice to make yellow rice. I used to live in Spain and I love paella. Anyway – lots of subjects covered and rambling – sorry, but best regards anyway. Helena

  6. PSS One more thing – I have taken to making my own pesto sauce recently – I just bought a Ninja Foodie Blender – you can make smoothie bowls with it – but I just like it to be honest to make gorgeous homemade pesto – basil – from a plant on the windowsill, parmesan cheese, pine nuts (or any nuts to be honest) , garlic, salt and pepper and a bit of olive oil – and a nimble full of water. I don't think I will ever go back to the bought stuff. I have it with twisted pasta – fuselli or casarecce – those handmade twisty type shapes – not sure if I like them yet but anyway. If you can get basil plants that grow on the windowsill – have a go at making your own pesto – I for one will not go back to the bought stuff. It's gorgeous. Anyway – thank you again and goodnight.

  7. Hello – new fan from England here. I have the same panini press as you do – that Cuisinart one – have you tried cheddar cheese and mango chutney sandwiches on it yet? They are very nice – but you have to let them cool down quite a bit before you eat them – they are like molten lava. Anyway – love your channel – thank you so much for doing it. Regards from England and don't forget to come over to visit us sometime. Helena

  8. I would love to see Grilling/Summer Recipes, Crockpot/Instant Pot and Make ahead style Meals/Lunches. Breakfast and Lunch time on the weekly basis I am always wanting something that is quick and easy. You, Tamara, Kat, Julie Pacheo, and so many other lovely ladies help so much with all of your meal inspiration. <3

  9. Wow I'm so early. Thanks Taylor. That dip reminded me of my pumpkin dip which is just cool whip, a pack of instant vanilla pudding mix and a can of pumpkin. Great for cool fall night or Thanksgiving appetizer

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