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LEARN HOW TO MAKE AN EASY TAMARIND SOBA NOODLE SALAD RECIPE LAY HO MA!! This dish is one of those reasons why I love noodles – they are …

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  1. LAY HO MA! I hope you’re keeping well and cooking well ☺️ which Lotus Foods products have you tried? Btw is you’re new to the channel, welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Be sure to pick up your free ebook that has 5 super easy plantbased recipes to help you get started with cooking today happy cooking 🥳

  2. Wonderful recipe! I made this with tofu and random veg I had and turned it into a warm Asian salad. I used leftover dressing the next day as a dip for dumplings.

  3. Looks incredible :)) I need to make it, definitely! So far I had rice and millet ramen noodles from Lotus, and they were great! I like tha fact that they do not deep fry their noodles.
    Also! The sause for Japanese house salad from the Ramen Book is sooo awesome! I make it on silken tofu base, and I use it with pretty much any veggies.

  4. Thank you so much for making these videos! You make it so much easier for me to eat more plant-based which means that you are indirectly saving the climate.
    And I always know what to cook, it always taste delicious and I always impress my friends with your recipies!

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