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Easy Spring Meal Prep Recipes (Vegan)

We are making 5 easy vegan recipes to help you meal prep for your week! We are collaborating with Nikki Vegan for this video, make sure you check her out …

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  1. I love the Broccoli Cheddar soup recipe, super nutritious as well as yummy, but I plan on putting in some cubed potatoes to make it extra hearty. Organic frozen broccoli is super affordable at most stores especially at Costco. As an Asian, I love fried rice of any kind, but the super simple Garlic fried rice is out of this world……OMG!!! The Oat Breakfast bars such a great idea, I followed a similar recipe making cookies, but the bars are much less work. Love this entire 4 course vegan meal, keep up the great recipes!

  2. Omg, that soup! Panera's was always my favorite too! Even before going vegan, I became super lactose intolerant and gave up dairy. It's been years, but man do I still crave that soup! Just bookmarked the recipe because I know it's going to be a favorite of mine. Thanks for all the great ideas and recipes! 🙂

  3. Hooooooly crap. Make 👏 this 👏 soup 👏 it is better than Panera. I used 1 pkg TJ's organic frozen broc to cut costs, it was the exact amount after chopping! I have never been more impressed with a recipe, legitimately. My (non v!) bf, whose favorite food is broc & cheese soup, said it was top notch and asked for a freezer full. I passed some out to friends & family…. This is a turn-you-vegan win ×100000000. Thank you guys!! About to make my 2nd batch & double it lol. So fast, good, healthy, & cheap!!

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