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Easy Steakhouse Dinner at Home | Homemade Steak and Potatoes | You Can Cook That

Craving a juicy steak? Enjoy a fancy steakhouse dinner for less with this high-quality, budget-friendly steak recipe. Plus, Nicole shows how to take your meal to …

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  1. You should try the spinach with just butter, cream cheese, salt, pepper and a little garlic powder! That’s how my Mom made it and it’s incredible! Sometimes my brother would add chopped hard-boiled egg on it and that was delish too!

  2. Nicole, it would be great to see a crispy chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. Maybe even some green beans on the side. Love your videos! Been watching you and camera boy since the beginning. Keep ' em coming girl!

  3. There was a famous chicken restaurant the burned down near me. They had the best gizzard dinner in a gravy or sauce. I've tried making it at home but they are very tough or don't taste good. Can you show us how to make a gizzard dinner please.

  4. Took my son to prime quarter for his 16th birthday. He did the challenge. Took 2 trips to the salad bar. 4 pieces of texas toast. 2 baked potatos. 40 oz steak and a piece of chocolate labs cake in 14 minutes.

  5. This lady is the Best youtuber ever !!! I watch every video she does. The only problem is, she doesn't do one everyday !!! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face each time you post a video !!!

  6. Oh my goodness I made a cast iron Steak with sautéed mushroom. It was so good I’m going to make it again for my channel. I aspire to grow my little channel to be a giant someday 🤗 one sub at a time. Any other newbie here 😁

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