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  1. Great job!!! I've been following your videos for quite some time now and I have to say that it was the best move to target a larger audience that can't afford the time to make all your delicious recipes but you still offered two great recipes with lots of flavor and still kept your aesthetics up to par. Thank you much appreciated!!

  2. Going vegan has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Your recipes inspire me every night when I’m cooking dinner. I don’t feel like I’m “missing out” (as my husband and non vegan friends would say) on anything at all. I’m more satisfied from my meals and don’t get hungry nearly as often as I used to. One full month in and I’ve lost 5kg 😌

  3. Great recipes! I’m trying to live less on sandwiches and take out. These I could make after work and have lovely leftovers for lunch. As always your videos are so beautiful to watch.

  4. As someone who is switching to a mostly plant based diet for health reasons, I don't follow your recipes to a T because I am not a hardcore vegan, or even vegetarian. I do however appreciate your meals and have followed a few of the ones that don't include a bunch of ingredients no shop around me would have, or that I simply wouldn't use. The ones I have attempted left me very impressed. I hope you get to a million, I for one sure subscribed and will recommend a few of my friends to your channel who are vegan or prefer a more plant based diet. When the counter roles over to a million and you open your restaurant I will have to make an excuse to go over the pond and visit the UK. Many, many of the best wishes towards you. Bless up.

  5. I just made the pasta for dinner tonight. It was beyond amazing! Brilliant, really. My husband and I both said it was one of the best pasta dishes we have ever eaten…and we spent a month in Italy last year. It is incredible that you were able to fit so much flavor into a one-pot dish. I recommend everyone try this one for sure. Making the broth next week. Thanks Gaz!

  6. Hi Gaz…I don't know if this will be a challenge to you, but my husband and I are working hard at becoming vegan. There is one sticking point that we just can't seem to get past. Creamer for coffee and tea. There are 1 million recipes on vegan creamer, but we just can't seem to find one that can hold up in coffee. Trader Joe's has a good coconut creamer that I use in tea and I can make a good soy creamer for tea too. However, anything that we try for coffee is just not as good as half and half. Too much coconut is overbearing. Any suggestions? Is that challenging for you or too easy? (Thanks!)

  7. This is a fantastic idea, Thank you so much!
    This is just what I've been looking for…. I am going to give these recipes a try.
    Ooh yeah, and I love the way your videos are made and you beautiful crockery too.

  8. I dont get it if you're a cook you should know tyhat adding tomato paste like that withyout frying it will make it unnecessarily sour and unpleasant, just for the sake of one pot u can still do it but preheat and fry it

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