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EASY VEGAN COMFORT FOOD (Quarantine Friendly Vegan Recipes Part 3)

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  1. she didn't describe what the grape jelly + chilli sauce tastes like and I'm so curious… is it supposed to be a sweet and spicy sauce or like sweet chili sauce type thing??

  2. Hi fellow clean eaters! We vegan and gluten free sisters who are starting out on YouTube! We love sharing our favorite healthy recipes! We’d really appreciate if you gave our channel a look and subscribed to help our little channel grow!💜

  3. I love making that meatball thing! I've always used cranberry jelly, though. Definitely try it with either jelly, it's sooooo good!

  4. Love the video but seeing everyone with food recipes slapping the word “ Quarantine “ in the video titles is getting old. I don’t know why it bugs me but it’s as if everyone needs a reminder that we’re living in a pandemic and are having to quarantine to live.

  5. Hey Rose can you do a little video on how you are holding those chopstcks please. I have never seen that technique where they are crossed. Hey btw pasta sauce is so easy to make and leaves ketchup in the dust. Tomato paste tinned tomatoes salt pepper lil sugar garlic powder and maybe some dried oregano and olive oil for shine and flavor. Add water and reduce til it's as thick as you like. Ketchup usually has vinegar which is not what you want in a pasta sauce. Also dont waste your ketchup lol. Love your videos anyway. Your voice is like comfort food for my ears lol. Thanks and take care:)

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