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EASY VEGAN DINNER IDEAS ‣‣ great for beginners!

Here are two amazing & EASY vegan dinner ideas that are perfect for beginners! These healthy vegan recipes are perfect for a quick weeknight meal, are …

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  1. If someone doesn’t want to use tofu or make it soy free, I find America’s Test Kitchen has the best vegan ricotta recipe made with cashews and steamed cauliflower. It’s so tasty!

  2. Thank you soo much! I've been binge watching your videos since finding your channel 😁so far ive tried your chia seed pudding and hot chocolate recipes! There soo yummy!😋

  3. That tofu broccoli is even more flavorful if you make some extra sauce, toss the tofu into it and marinade overnight. The flavor of overnight marinaded tofu is SO addictively good. The flavor goes all the way through it.

    This video got me into batch cooking 2 blocks of addicting tasty tofu marinated overnight -make a huge batch once a week (you’ll never look back) 😀

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