Vegan Recipes

EASY VEGAN MEAL PREP RECIPES ‣‣ gluten-free & healthy too!

Today I’m showing you three easy vegan meal prep recipes that can be made ahead and enjoyed all week long! These healthy meal prep ideas are a cinch to …

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  1. If I omit the chickpeas (I just figure that there's enough protein with the quinoa), what adjustments would I need to make? Or can you suggest another plant food that would be good to replace the chickpeas? Love your simple recipes, but coconut yogurt can be hard to come by, and expensive. Thank you!

  2. I made the last two recipes right after seeing this (for lunch & dinner). My youngest son wasn't a big fan but that's to be expected. The rest of my family loved them!!!

  3. Can you omit the coconut Milk in the soup. I don't digest coconut Milk. I think the breakfast recipe would be good for desert too. Thanks for sharing your healthy recipes.

  4. Perfect timing Alyssa👌🏾 I’m going grocery shopping today and these dishes look 😋 I now know how use the insta story feature so I’ll be sure to tag you when I make these. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Honey is simply Bee vomit. Sometimes they regurgitate it over 50 times. Bees don't make honey for us. They make for themselves and their babies. As usual, we humans come along and take, take, take what does NOT belong to us. Stop taking what never belonged to you and just go Vegan. It's not difficult. Shame on you for encouraging Animal use.

  6. Your meal preps get better and better and I never thought that was possibly ..I have a pressure cooker but it's ancient .Really do like your pot cooker .Must look and see if can get here. Thanks so much …. 👍🌺

  7. Love all three recipes…perfect for work…I have something called a Hot Logic Mini and these will work perfectly…either for home or work. Hope you are enjoying your new home!

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