Easy Vegan Meatloaf Bites | Great For Appetizers! | Oil Free

You and I both know that everything is cuter is bites, so today we’re making some vegan, oil-free “Meatloaf Bites” that are so easy for serving and entertaining.

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  1. Dillon and Reebs I love your videos. I went back and watched some of the older videos and love them all but have to say they got way more entertaining when Reebs showed up. Great job lady. Could you guys do some videos on what kind of freeze dried meals you make for backpacking and could some of them be made with a dehydrater.

  2. Made this today. It was too warm to turn on the oven so I just threw some of it on a salad with “Hot Sauce” thanks for the inspiration Dillion. It was delish! Another one for my arsenal.

  3. haha hi Dillon, i was lap-topping u to watch this in bed just before, and all the bubbas are up on the bed watching with me right, cos its winter over here in Australia so finally getting cool, anyway… when u were doing your skilled vege-chopping, my right hand (my knife hand) which was softly and gently patting one of the doggos, started… all of its own accord…patting said doggo at your same nice onion carrot celery chopping rate. no problems there right. but then u swapped to the mushrooms… and u picked up speed…and so did my hand! i knew it was coming but couldnt stop it! suddenly it was all PAT PAT PATTY PAT PAT- PAT PAT PATTY PAT PAT with the same strength and skilled tempo as u were CHOP CHOP CHOPPY CHOP CHOP – CHOP CHOP CHOPPY CHOP CHOPPING your mushies! the PATTING recipient doggo opened his eyes, turned to me and said "RAHOOOOOO??" god he sounded JUST like scooby doo! im in absolute stitches by then, doggos are leaping up at me and bed-dancing, it was so funny! had to pause the video, till we all finished our hysterics and settled down. then i thought god i just have to tell Dillon.

  4. Looks YUMMMM – – personally I would get rid of the hot spice cuz I just LOVE sage flavor in my "meat"loaf. Made in multiples, this will be great frozen for grab-and-go !!! I can't wait to fiddle with this recipe !!!!!

  5. Thanks for reading my mind today. I was just going to look for one of your meatless loaf recipes and boom here this is. Also just want to say your WYW Mushroom gravy would pair nicely with this and mashed potatoes. Guess what I'm having tonight?!?!

  6. Dillon and Reebs, you guys are magic! Always putting out the good stuff… informative, comical, scrummy goodness, and your playful chemistry. 🥰 My eyes widened with delightful surprise to learn that Reebs comes with actual recipes! 🤩👏 😂 The talents, here, are limitless 🙌
    Plus, you take extra time for making your insta-family member feel special 🥰😂
    Love is real …
    Real is love …

  7. slow down, will ya? my kitchen is working round the clock to make all the great recipes you provide. Now I have lentil/mushroom cupcakes to add to the mix. Thanks for all you do. And I think we need a Reebs Rant!

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