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If you stocked up on pasta but are tired of the same boring recipes, here are 3 delicious and easy vegan pantry pasta recipes! Made with all pantry ingredients …

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  1. Awesome recipes Nisha! Love your videos! Made the red lentil Bolognese….delicious….can't wait to try the other two! You are an awesome cook and I am glad I found your channel. Thank you for the recipe and the tips along the way….I also love your links to all your products!

  2. These look really good! I'm not vegan (I don't currently have the means to do it, and I'm too fond of chicken pho to be completely vegan), but I'm thinking when I get back to school in the fall I'm going to try to only eat vegan meals there and gradually (once I get a job) try to eat maybe all but 1 meal a week vegan. These dishes look like the kind of thing I could bring to school without it taking forever to cook.

  3. Hello from the U.K. again, i have just made and eaten your creamy pantry pasta tonight……..yummy . First time using tahini, made the sauce very rich.

  4. Besides these amazing and tasty looking recipes, your personality shinesss. I don’t believe I have come across your channel before but it’s been refreshing to stumble upon it. I instantly knew Id be subscribing from the 0:30 second point because I love how you didn’t edit out all of these little bloopers. I’ve been searching for a good lentil bolognese for a while also, one that doesn’t contain mushrooms, so I’ll be 100% making this for tomorrow’s dinner! Thank you ☺️

  5. 11:55 you really do look like a brown girl from the U.K., I was shocked when I first heard your American accent (I can say this as I am a brown girl from the U.K.)

  6. Hi there, I just tried all three pasta meals. All of them came out very good. Number 1 – smokey pasta, number 2 – bolognese, 3 – pasta soup 🙂 Thank you so much for recipes <3

  7. Idk why everyone says nutritional yeast tastes cheesy. It tastes salty/savoury to me, but not cheesy. I've tried multiple brands. I like it. Just not what people say it is

  8. Tonight I made the Creamy Pantry Pasta for dinner!!! Added some red bell pepper, kale, and tempeh, and some liquid smoke because I didn't have smoked paprika. Hands down one of the most delicious vegan pasta recipes I've ever had!! And the ingredients list is just so simple and easy. This is going to definitely be a repeat during these times, the ultimate comfort food!!!

  9. Thank you, I'm going to make all three of your recipes. They look so yummy!
    God Bless you and yours and stay healthy!
    Thank you husband for supervising! I enjoy your videos!

  10. Creamy pasta Recipe on the website says 6oz pasta and serves 4. I’m guessing that’s a typo and should say 16oz?. 🙂

  11. I bought your Instant Pot cookbook even though I’m not vegan because your recipes are awesome!!!!! It’s a beautiful book too. I can tell you put a lot of love into your cooking and your book. Love your channel too! ❤️

  12. Made the second pasta for myself last night at 11Pm bc I couldn't stop thinking about it (this channel is serious food porn!!) and my husband was all – i dont want to eat so late. I gave him a small amount of it and he like melted into the floor. He stopped and went – dude this is fucking delicious…… I LOVE the reactions I get to your recipes! I can't wait to try this banana bread next!

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