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EASY VEGAN PASTA RECIPES | Creamy Sun-dried Tomato Pasta & Vegan Ratatouille Pasta

We’re sharing two of our favourite vegan pasta recipes! Whether you’re looking for a vegan creamy pasta or a weeknight winner …

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  1. I always forget to reserve the pasta water until I learned this trick:

    Place your measuring cup inside your strainer in the sink. That way if you forget when you go to strain the pasta you'll see the measuring cup and un-forget. 🙂

  2. The dried tomato one i've been making for ages, try some vegan sausage in it in chunks, delicious!!! Before being vegan I ate it with chorizo but we dont have a good vegan one over here, sadly…
    love the recipies!!!

  3. pasta is life mmmmmmm love it so much pasta salades so good with avocado pureed with fork yoghurt vegan of course and no sugar a lot of garlic powder lemon juice salt and pepper lot of veggie and throw it on to your pasta so delicius its really jummie the avocado dressing sooooo good

  4. Recently we've been jamming on shiitake mushroom stroganoff. So delicious. I definitely need more veggies and that penne pasta dish looks great. Would it be okay if I hit it with about half a block of Violife parm? 😀

  5. I love your podcast…it's so much fun and the topics discussed are really amazing and informative! I always look forward to every Monday upload. I listen to it while I cook, clean or drive to work. Oh and these pasta recipes look fantastic. I do plan on making the creamy sun dried tomato pasta. Yum!

  6. They both looked very nice. I have been trying to gain weight the last couple of months, so for me, a 'one pot meal' is also a 'one person', 'one meal' meal 🙂 Today's McDonalds ad was quite inoffensive, just coffee, no carcasses. 🙂

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